Equipment Available

The following equipment is available for your use at the GVR Computer Club:

Lecture Room

• Seating for up to 50 people
  – Tue    PC Q & A classes from Nov-Apr
  – Wed  Windows 10 Q & A
  – Thu   Apple User Group and Beginner Mac Classes
  – Stock Investing Group

Agave Room – 12 PCs for Individual Training and Classes

    a. Windows 10 individual training
    b. Photo Editing Classes
    c. Power Point Classes
    d. Microsoft Office Classes
    e. Computer Basic Classes
    f. File Management Classes
Pecan Room – 12 PCs for Individual Training and Classes
     a. Libre Office Classes
     b. Linux Classes
     c. Computer Kindergarten Classes

Lab Area

11 PCs for General Use
1  Mac computer for General Use
2 Computers to convert VHS tapes to DVDs
1 Computer to convert old Records (33, 45 & 78) and cassette tapes to CDs or DVDs
2  Computers to convert Slides to DVDs (individual training required)
2 Scanners
1 Computer for Turbo Tax
2 Computers for Linux users
1 Computer for printing photos

Lending Libraries:

Laptop Room: 

• Space for up to 10 laptops
• Machine to copy up to 6 CDs or DVDs at a time

Mac Room:

• 12 Macs: 11 are in the Mac Lab for hands-on and small classes and 1 is in the Photo Lab sharing space with the PC’s.
• A MacPro with a VCR and a Dazzle analog/digital bridge for video editing
• HP SureColor P600 printer
• Epson 2400 flatbed scanner
• Epson Perfection 4870 scanner
• Epson Perfection  V700 scanner
• Epson Perfection V800 scanner
• iPad 2,
• New iPad
• New iPad Mini
• iPad Pro with Apple stylus
• iPhone 6
• 75 inch Samsung large screen TV with an Apple TV 4K used for classes in the Mac Room.
In addition Tech Support people are available most mornings to assist with PC and Mac problems.