GVR Computer Club
GVR Computer Club
Computer Club
Our Club has created a Zoom account so we can communicate face-to-face while in the comfort and safety of our own homes. We are in the process of scheduling various classes and meetings in the coming weeks so please check back often.
Class and meeting descriptions will be provided along with day and time, login link and additional phone options if you wish to join us.
In order to join any Zoom event you will first need to - login to your Computer Club account, using the "Member Login" page.
If you have not logged in before - use your GVR # as you Login name
Use the first letter of your first name followed by your zip code followed by your first letter of your last name - for your password.
If you have trouble logging in click on the ? to reset your login name or password .
Once you have logged in click on the "Next Zoom Event" page which will be shown under the "Member Login Page" - follow the instructions, you may need to download Zoom program the first time, just follow the instructions.
**Once you have joined the Zoom meeting, don't forget to logoff of ccgvaz.org**
We are taking every precaution to keep our Zoom account safe and secure by always providing a new Zoom login number and password for each event. You can help us too by:
- never sharing a Zoom event number or password
- never mentioning a Zoom event on Social media