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Linux Operating System (Offered Weekly)

  • 08/10/2022
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Pecan Room

The Linux Special Interest Group (SIG) is a self-help group for folks interested in an alternative, open-source operating system with many free programs.  Because many newbies were Windows users, we use mainly Linux Mint because it can be set up similarly to Windows 7 or Windows 10, making their transition easier.  There are free applications of office suites, photo manipulation programs, most browsers, and such, so there are really no software costs associated with using Linux.  Lastly, it is quite secure by design, and no anti-malware software is needed.  New users will want to learn a bit about how to keep it secure, but that is primarily done with the initial set up, which we will help you with.  Linux will run fine on older computers, down to 2 gigabytes of RAM (memory) and 100 gigabytes of storage.

Feel free to come and see if a new operating system appeals to you.

Facilitated by John Sonderegger

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