GVR Computer Club
GVR Computer Club
Computer Club
New Membership

Welcome to the GVR Computer Club.
Membership of Green Valley Recreation is required to join the GVR Computer Club
Payment options: Credit Card or Check
All the information below must be entered
  1. Selet the type of membership (Single or Family**) 
  2. Enter this information under the Primary Member Info tab
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
  3. Enter this information under the Main Contact Info tab
    1. Street Address
    2. City
    3. State
    4. Zip Code
    5. Phone Number (Home or Cell)
    6. Email Address
  4. Enter this information under the Custom Data tab
    1. Computer Type - P for windows or M for Apple
    2. Are you a tenant? Y or N 
    3. Your GVR # 
  5. Set up your login ID (your GVR #) and password of your choice (numbers and letters only) password must be entered twice and click next. 
** Important: for Family Membership you must bring the other family member information to the Computer Club to complete your membership.
We look forward to seeing you at the Computer Club
Membership Plan:
Select Membership Plan:
Membership Plans Offered:
Plan Name For Maximum Associated Members Annual Fee Description
Single Person(s) 1 $25.00
Family Person(s) 2 $35.00