SIGS - Special Interest Groups

These SIGs are Offered primarily in the winter

Alexa (Echo) or Google Assistant

Android Phones

Batch Scanning PowerSlide

Computer Q@A Intermediate

Cutting the Cord

PC Beginners Q&A

Linux and Open Source Software

Stock Investing

SIGS Offered all year long

WIN 10 Q@A

WIN 10 / Microsoft Office  

Please check the calendar to find out when these classes are being taught,

Regular Classes offered in the Winter


Computer Basics

Computer Kindergarten

Linux and Open Source Software

PC Beginners Q@A Tuesdays at 9:45 am


How to use  Flash Drive

File Management, Make and Organize Files and Folders


Photo Editing for Beginners -

Computer Q@A Tuesdays 8:15 am


Adobe Photoshop Elements

Batch Scanning, PowerSlide 5000

Word Processing

Libre Word Processing

Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Transitions to the Ribbon, Basics and Lists.

Introduction to PowerPoint

Creating Columns and Shortcuts for Word and Excel