Our Vounteers

Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless. ~ Sherry Anderson   

Volunteers are an essential resource for most membership organizations. There are legions of volunteers across North America working to improve their communities and help organizations meet their missions. For the GVR Computer Club, our volunteers are the heart blood that makes our club work 

Volunteers Smile

Instructor, Trainer, Speaker

Are you a subject matter expert for a computer topic?  Do you classify yourself as a "PowerPoint Ranger?" Perhaps you are a wiz at setting up Gmail accounts.  If you like helping or teaching others, we can help you satisfy that desire.  The only requirement to become an instructor is the willingness to share your knowledge. Unfortunately too many people feel they do not know enough to be an instructor, and they could not be more wrong. In class everyone learns, especially the teacher. 

We are always looking for Speakers at the monthly General Meeting. Come and share your specialty with the members. Contact Marge Clark at clarkccgv@outlook.com.

Tech Support

You can ONLY imagine how many requests we get to help someone fix or troubleshoot their computer.  We also maintain a significant local area network and WIFI service within the club for our members to use. If you've been a network administrator or information systems manager and would like to keep your skills fresh, contact Don Coon - don.ccgv@outlook.com.

Club Monitors

A monitor usually serves four hours a week, either morning or afternoon, and the monitor is the first person you meet when coming to the club. 

Monitor training is provided, and there are always two monitors on duty. Without monitors the club could not stay open.

Click on the Downloads section to view Monitor Schedules.