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Access to tips, products, and news presented at the weekly Apple Users Group (AUG).

Categorized listing of Ernie's weekly Mac Users Group tips.

Use this link to access a Google slides presentation. Items covered:

- Watch OS

- Controls and Control Center

- Notifications and Notifications Center

- Customizing your Watch & Watch Faces

- Rearranging, Deleting, and Adding Watch Faces

- Siri and the Siri Watch Face

- Managing Watch Apps on the Watch and iPhone

- Assessing Apps through the Dock.

Use this link to access a Google Slides presentation. Items covered in this lesson are: Messaging on the Apple Watch; Checking Forecasts with the Weather App; Viewing Calendar Events; Reading and Creating Mail Messages; Making Phone Calls; Setting up and Using Apple Pay

I am often asked about which hardware and software I use to create the MacMost videos and what I use in my regular everyday work. Here is a list of products that I use and recommend (affiliate links, FYI). I’ll be adding more from time-to-time so check back. — Gary from MacMost

What to do before you - sell, give away or trade your IPhone, Ipad or Ipod Touch

Use these steps to transfer information to your new device, then remove your personal information from your old device.

What to do before you sell, give away, or trade in your Mac

Back up your data, then restore to factory settings by turning off certain features and services, erasing your Mac, and reinstalling macOS.

Computer & Software Subjects

Hewie’s Windows SIG 2020

New episode added each month.

Using File Explorer in Windows

Facilitated by Eric Noyes

Zoom Event: Wednesday, June 10 at 1:00 PM

Subjects covered:  How to Search

Developing a Folder structure (hierarchical)

Understanding the "Document" folder for the logged-in User

How to Navigate through the directories

How to save a file to a folder

Understanding "Quick Access"

Learn all about Chromebooks, what they can do for you, and have your questions answered by an expert.

Our special speaker is Hewie Poplock who is one of the regular “Tech for Seniors” co-hosts and past APCUG Vice Presidents.

More information about Hewie can be found here:

These tutorials, with skill consolidation exercises, cover the essential features of the LibreOffice Word processor (including mail merge), Spreadsheet (including formulas, graphing, charting and Lookup Tables), Database management (including reporting), and Presentation tools. started with an objective to help all LibreOffice users (beginners and advanced) with easy to understand tutorials which helps users to learn the product and apply the knowledge, help to resolve day to day simple/common issues, and make them productive in LiibreOffice

Welcome to BVCC Schoolhouse

Tutorials for LibreOffice

Writing a Macro in LibreOffice Calc - Getting Started

LibreOffice provides a way to write your own macro to automate various repetitive tasks in your office application. You can use Python or basic for your macro development. This tutorial focuses on writing a basic 'Hello World' macro using basic in LibreOffice calc.

Troubleshooting Your Computer - 101

NEW - March 22, 2021

Troubleshooting Your Computer 101 -Judy Taylor APCUG

Before you make that $99 tech support call, there are many easy things you can do to troubleshoot problems that you encounter with your computer. Can’t start your computer? Does your hard drive make grinding noises? Is it taking forever to start? Does it randomly turn off and restart? Has your printer stopped working? This presentation covers problems and solutions that just might help if and when

Online Storage & Programs

Online Storage - Under Construction

How to Join a Zoom Meeting

Bill Edmunds facilitates this 'How-To" YouTube video.

The Frugal Computer Guy

LibreOffice resources.

Quicken Orientation

Eric Noyes Zoom presentation to introduce the Quicken program on 7/15/2020.

Cyber Security

WiFi Home Routers

Brad Brooks' presentation on what it is, when it is coming, when should you jump on, and why should you use it.

Brad Brooks' presentation on what it is, when it is coming, when should you jump on, and why should you use it

Securing Your WIFI Network

Hermann Lippold, a GVR Computer Club member, provided this Zoom event in February/March 2021.

Password Protection Managers

2020 Recommended Free Password Managers presented in a Zoom event by Hermann Lippold.

Free Software

Belarc Advisor

The Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, network inventory, any missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, security benchmarks, and displays the results in your Web browser.

All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server.


CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your PC.

It protects your privacy and makes your computer faster and more secure!


Install and update all your programs at once. No toolbars. No clicking next. Just pick your apps and go.

LibreOffice Website

LibreOffice is a powerful office suite with its clean interface and feature-rich tools to help you unleash your creativity and enhance your productivity. LibreOffice includes several applications that make it the most powerful Free and Open Source office suite on the market.

DVD Flick

Burn Videos, Photos, Music to DVD/ISO Files

The Idea behind is ingeniously simple. Our mission is to provide our users with a wide assortment of current versions of familiar software, and their predecessors, for free. Our database is maintained up to date with older versions of software as they become readily available. Our users can be assured that this process involves our careful and meticulous screening of each individual program and version listed on Our pledge is that our users will never end up with any malware, trojans, and/or any other variation of viruses.


Updated version of the old StripMail. It is a FREEWARE utility that:

Strips the characters ">" and "|" from forwarded e-mails.

Formats the text into paragraphs, making it easier to read.

Changes the text's right margin, by indenting.

Can be used with any e-mail client.

WeTransfer was founded in 2009 as the simplest way to send big files around the world. Today WeTransfer uses a set of beautifully obvious tools that bring your ideas to life.

Special Interest

Affinity Designer & Video Tutorials

Affinity In-house video tutorials are created and published by Affinity Documentation Team.

Watch tutorial and quick tip videos for the fastest, smoothest and most precise creative software.

Bob Ogus Tips

Hi, I am Bob Ogus, an instructor at the Computer Club of Green Valley and this is my page for students and club members who wish some resource material and information on classes I am engaged in. I also have some computer tips, tutorials, videos and interesting websites for you to explore and let the surfing begin.

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